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I can't believe it's the second-to-last day of this countdown. I didn't really play through half of case 3-5 today; I only got to the beginning of the first day in court, because I had a long day of doing stuff and was too sleepy to play anymore. I will have a lot to play tomorrow.

I love playing as Edgeworth! How could I not? I think it's awesome how Gumshoe pretty much follows you around (being your "Maya," more or less) the entire time you are playing as him in the investigation portion. And getting to see his thoughts is, well, kind of how you would expect it to be.

He's even less thrilled with Larry than Phoenix ("Larry, you moron!"). Bikini flirts with him (she doesn't flirt with Phoenix when you're playing as him). He seems a little clueless about the fact that women find him attractive ("Do I really inspire this sort of frothing desire from the female masses?"). He's, well, a little mean to Gumshoe ("Gumshoe indeed! Like gum on your shoe, he's impossible to get rid of!").

I wish you got to play as him for the whole case. Although since it's the last case in the game, and therefore the last case with Phoenix as the main character, it would be sad not to play as him one last time, too.
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