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Look at me, back on schedule once again. Hmmm, case 3-4 was longer than I remembered it being the last time. Maybe that's because it seemed more interesting the first time, when I didn't already know what was going to happen. This really is not one of my favorite cases.

I don't hate Mia or Diego, but I'm not a huge fan of either of them, either. The first time around, I did find the backstory interesting, but it seems a little stale on a replay. Although I do like Young Edgeworth. Well, sort of. He's cute to look at, but he's kind of a pompous little jerk, isn't he? I did find it amusing that even early on, he was apparently starting every trial by saying, "The prosecution has been ready for a while, Your Honor." Heh.

His courtroom tactics, on the other hand... not so good. Remember early on, when he made that huge deal about how "there's no evidence that can prove that the bridge was broken during the incident"? That was how he managed to explain away "Melissa's" claim that Valerie had run 10 meters before Terry caught and killed her. That seemed pretty sketchy. Edgeworth, don't ever tell us that you only ever did what you thought was right. [personal profile] croik was right about you, you scumbag!

I also didn't quite understand it when later, it seemed that everyone just forgot about this claim that the bridge might still have been intact as recently as the day Valerie Hawthorne was murdered. Later, Dahlia claimed that she was pushed into this gap. Granted, Mia proved that this couldn't be, or she'd have landed on the rocks, but couldn't she have thrown Edgey's questionable claim back in his face? Clearly Mia isn't all that and a bag of chips as a defense attorney--even Phoenix would have caught something like that. Furthermore, her whining about how it wasn't fair when something (I forget what) happened later in the trial really annoyed me. Life isn't fair, Mia. Waaaaaah.

Another thing that really bothered me was the white scarf that apparently wasn't white. Am I colorblind? How was it not white? Please tell me we're not talking about the splotch of mud, because I'm sure that anyone looking at it would be able to tell that it's a white scarf with mud all over it.

One of the few things I enjoyed was Edgeworth's jab at Mia when he was encouraging Melissa/Dahlia to proceed with her testimony. "All you have to do is only tell us what you saw. Otherwise that mean lady might yell at you again."

I have a couple of unanswered questions about this case. One, if Dahlia was 14 at the time of the staged kidnapping and 19 at the time of case 3-4, then how was she 19 at the time of case 3-1, which was a year later? Or am I remembering wrong? I mean, it could have just been a day or two short of a year and right before her next birthday, I suppose. But why wouldn't they just make her 20 to avoid ambiguity? And two, what in the heck is going on with Terry Fawles's face?

I had somehow managed to forget that this case ended with Terry taking the poison and dying. I did sort of feel bad for him. He seemed too dumb and naive to really know what the heck was going on.
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