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Wow, February 19th is coming up really quickly! I'm alternately excited about this and a little horrified, because if February 19th is close, then it means that my February 29th project deadline at work can't be far behind, either. I'm on top of things, though--I think... *voice trails off like Ron DeLite's*

I'm back on schedule with my countdown posts, at least for now.

Today was case 3-2. I have to say that I absolutely love Ron and Dessie. They're just adorable as a couple (even though apparently Ron feels the need to lie to Dessie), and pretty darn cute individually. I especially love Dessie's story of how she fell in love with Ron because he defended her against kidnappers by basically crying, whining, and flailing. It's so pathetic, yet so adorable!

One thing that I thought was funny in this case (which I'm pretty sure I didn't notice the first time around) is that Maya apparently doesn't know until this point in time what Phoenix can do with her Magatama. It's a year later, and she's never noticed or thought to ask? As Phoenix asks himself when he hears this, this is the future Master of the Kurain Channeling School? Wow.

I did enjoy the case overall, although I had some issues with it. First of all, I pretty much can't stand Luke Atmey. He's so annoying, and apparently not nearly as brilliant as he thinks. I do like his music, though.

I noticed some things that seemed like minor contradictions. At the beginning of the case, Atmey tells Phoenix that Mask*DeMasque disguises himself at the scene of the crime. He could be disguised as a bear, or something else that I forget now and failed to write down. But for the entire rest of the case, he's depicted in that costume that is shown in his publicity photo, and no one ever mentions his disguising himself as anything else again. Whaaaaat?

I also thought it was interesting that when Ron is called to testify, there is this big point made of how unusual it is to let the defendant testify. Phoenix allows it because Mia trusted him enough to let him testify (in case 3-1). But, um, haven't the defendants been testifying all along? True, they aren't normally the first witness called as in both 3-1 and 3-2, but that doesn't mean that it's unusual for them to testify.

Larry testified in case 1-1, and I doubt that Phoenix would have let that happen if it were in any way unusual (although he was pretty inexperienced). I can't remember for sure whether Maya or Will Powers testified in the next two cases, but Edgeworth definitely testified in case 1-4, and Lana testifed in case 1-5, and I don't remember any mention of this being unusual. I don't really need to keep going, do I? Am I just remembering this incorrectly? I have a notoriously bad memory for plot details in games and movies--my brain just doesn't store that information for more than 10 seconds after I finish watching or playing.

The other issue I had with this case was what I considered an inappropriate use of the "dramatic Phoenix" sprite. You know, the one where he's got his head in his hands? That sprite was first used in case 2-4, in a very dramatic situation. It just doesn't seem quite right to me for its next usage to be in a scenario where he thinks that even if Ron gets aquitted, Luke Atmey will get away with murder. Okay, that's bad... but Phoenix always thinks that the real murderer is about to get away, and usually his client is about to be convicted of murder as well. This is hardly as dramatic as "Maya's going to DIE if I don't keep this trial going!" Oh well.

I guess this post wouldn't be complete without at least a brief mention of Javado Becket Godot. I still haven't decided what I think of him. I mean, he's kind of a jerk, and although his visor is sort of cool in a wacky way (at least before you find out the backstory, which could have been better), I just don't get why most of the fandom seems to be obsessed with him. Incidentally, that's kind of the same problem I have with Franziska. They're both supposed to be so badass (at least that's what I always hear people say), but I mostly see them as giant whiners. Wahhhhhh, life isn't faaaaaaair! I admit that I might find them slightly more interesting if they weren't so popular, but I still don't think they'd be my favorites. Not that I have particularly creative favorites either, I guess. (I mean, it's so original to be an Edgeworth fan, right? Incidentally, my second favorite is probably Gumshoe, which isn't terribly unique, either. And then after that, it's a tie between some of the side characters like Ronnie, Max Galactica, and Will Powers.)

Oh, and Larry is even more ridiculous and lame than usual. Which is almost impressive, actually.
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