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Well, at least I'm making today's post on time. This was a pretty interesting case to play through a second time, now that I know what happens after it.

In this case, we get to see Phoenix Wright as the defendant. Apparently, this isn't the last time that's going to happen. However, this is Phoenix before he becomes an attorney. And all I can really say about that is that Young Phoenix basically makes Present-Day Phoenix look so competent and smart in comparison that it's a little sad.

Another thing that makes this case interesting (especially for a training case) is that we get to play as Mia for a change. Besides shaking things up a bit, this also allows us to get some background on a character we've only seen alive in one case so far. I have to say that she seems quite a bit more on top of things than Phoenix did in case 1-1. We also get some background on Marvin Grossberg, her mentor, and Winston Payne, the "Rookie Killer". In my opinion, anyone who picks on rookies as much as Payne did is crusing for a bruising (which he definitely gets in this case).

Interestingly enough, it seems that Mia has a bit of a crush on Phoenix. At least that's the only explanation I can really find for the way she reflexively slaps, punches, and kicks Grossberg every time Phoenix talks about the love of his life, Dahlia Hawthorne. This bit was pretty amusing, even if I'm not entirely sure what Mia sees in Phoenix.

EDITED TO ADD: Because I'm apparently an idiot? Duh, the reason Mia is punching and kicking Grossberg probably has to do with what Dahlia did to her boyfriend in the past, and not a crush on "Feenie". Well, that makes more sense. I guess because I'd have no way of making that connection in my mind the first time around, the "crush" theory somehow cemented itself in my mind and wouldn't get out even when I should've known better. Thanks, [personal profile] croik, for explaining it!

One thing that definitely wasn't as meaningful the first time around was what Phoenix said about Dahlia (who is basically the devil) at the end of case 3-1: "I don't think that was really her." Even though Mia thinks he's crazy for saying this, it turns out to be pretty much the only thing that he says in case 1-1 that isn't completely moronic.
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